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Your Iris pictures which will be read by our Highly Skilled Iridologist, giving you great insight as to the condition of your body’s tissues as they work together systemically, and as they stand alone.


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  1. Ability to see all body systems and organs at once. This includes circulatory, gastro-intestinal, glandular, skeletal, neurological, muscular and uro-genital systems at a glance. Thus, related factors and underlying causative factors can often be identified in a single non-intrusive session … without multiple tests.
  2. Advance Prognostics. Iridology excels at early-onset detection in pre-clinical stages. Instead of waiting for chronic or degenerative disease manifestations, typically eight to fifteen years in the making, an iridology scan detects conditions that lead to disease, often years before they are medically detected. This means that instead of calling on heroic measures to deal with a chronic condition, a targeted specific plan to help you to restore your body’s health and vitality.

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